Kampala Community International Preschool


Our curriculum is play based and multi-cultural. We provide positive learning experiences for children through a rich variety of developmentally appropriate activities. Our learning environment encourages children to socialize, explore, solve problems, collaborate and communicate with their teachers and peers in a diverse setting. 

The importance of creativity and critical thinking is strongly emphasized in all areas of learning. Each day at KCIP children have opportunities to develop these essential life skills, discover themselves and their own unique talents.

We value a balance between classroom time and exploration time. During class time, children engage in more focused and teacher led-activities with peers of their same age. These activities emphasize the development of language and cognition skills. When children work in small groups, they are able to develop confidence through cooperating and negotiating with others to achieve accomplishments. Exploration time allows children to discover the environment and independently choose their own learning experiences. Teachers work together to build on the children's discoveries and interests to plan relevant classroom lessons.

Ultimately, the curriculum at KCIP, encourages children to form deep and meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers and gain an appreciation for the diversity of individuals in the community.